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There Are Various Reasons A Person Might Enter Into An Addiction Treatment Program

Article written by-Klemmensen Gates

For some people, the issue of asking "is Drug dependency a mental disorder?" might appear moot. After , there truly are no medical research studies that indicate addiction is a mental illness. For other individuals nonetheless, the subject matter of dependency can be very significant and also life-threatening. This holds true whether the addiction to medicines is physical or mental.

When people ask what is Drug addiction, they are usually describing chemical abuse - that is, a dependency to medications or alcohol. Nevertheless, Drug dependency can likewise involve gaming, using illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin, and even prescription drugs (Rx) such as discomfort drug or antidepressants. Furthermore, there can additionally be many mental illnesses that are thought to cause an individual's addiction to alcohol and drugs. These include clinical depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and also trauma.

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